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Type:Portable Punches


Dimensions:14-1/2" L x 4-13/16" W x 10-19/32" H
Weight:16.5 (LBS)
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Hougen Manufacturing, Inc.

About Hougen Manufacturing, Inc.

Hougen Manufacturing is a family owned business with our world headquarters and manufacturing facility located in Swartz Creek Michigan. The company was started by the late Dr. E Douglas Hougen who held over 400 worldwide patents including many for the Rotabroach Annular Cutter. For over 50 years Hougen has been the world leader in portable magnetic drills and annular cutters. Hougen proudly manufactures all of our magnetic drills, Rotabroach Cutters and most of our other products in Michigan. Customers who demand reliability and performance from their tools choose Hougen. From engineering, to manufacturing, to customer service, Hougen produces the best product in the market. Period. With our three principles in mind “Service, Integrity, Reliability”, Hougen ensures you will be happy with our product and will work to continually solve your holemaking problems.