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HPM #4

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Type:Hydraulic Presses


Tonnage:650 T
HPM Corporation

About HPM Corporation

Founded in 1877, and over the years, HPM grew to become a world-leading innovator and manufacturer of die casting equipment, injection molding machines, and extrusion systems, and built a strong reputation for quality and service. In 2011, HPM North America Corporation acquired all intellectual properties of HPM, and opened a facility in Marion, Ohio. We continue to provide DIE CASTING MACHINES, INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES, and newly developed RUBBER INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES. We also continue to provide parts and services for all HPM die casting, injection molding, and plastic extrusion machinery on the market. Our mission is to use the HPM technology developed over 135 years combined with modern control technology to R&D and manufature the best performance-price machines to satisfy our customer needs. Our vision is to become the first choice for our customers in the world.

HPM #4