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    Hydromat introduces the next step in the evolution of high precision medical component manufacturing.

    The new Hydromat AT (Advanced Technology) 6-100, a design that can be best described as four high-speed mini VTL's all cutting simultaneously on one platform producing parts fast, complete and totally de-burred. Nice!

    It incorporates four 5,000 RPM spindle pallets that work in tandem at each station with high-speed horizontal and vertical spindles. Each station sports it's own "Direct Connection" tool changer that greatly increases

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    Hydromat, Inc.

    Hydromat is home to a team of Rotary Transfer Specialists and the Icon Multispindle line of precision machine tools. And for 30 years, we've been building machine tools unsurpassed in quality and precision. Our products, featuring the EPIC R/T line of CNC machines, are competitive in small, medium, and large facilities. We are the Rotary Transfer experts.

This Item is No Longer Made

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