I.M.S.A. MF1000C

  • Specs
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    Drilling Diameter
    0.9843 "
    Drilling Depth
    39.37 "
  • Product Overview

    Straight and angled drilling (4-axes machine) thanks to rotary table available in two versions:
    600x700mm table load 2.000kg, or 800x900mm table load 4.000kg.

    Compound angle drilling (5-axes machine) in machine version equipped with rotary/tilting table
    size800x800mm, table load 2.500kg, tilting angle 25°-20°

    Milling operations, for hole preparation and completion, i.e. for spotfacing, conventional drilling, threading.

    Deep hole drilling machine IMSA MF1000C can also be used to drill off-center deep holes in cylindrical parts.

    Horizontal axis X=1.000mm, vertical axis Y=520mm.
    Deep drilling method: gun drill tool.
    Optimal drilling diameters: 4 - 25 mm solid.
    Drilling depth in single operation 1000mm.
    Milling capabilities: for hole preparation and completion.
    Thanks to the new "Swing on Top IMSA System" the whole drilling unit is rotated upwards, setting the ISO40 spindle free to execute milling operations.

  • About Company

    Manufacturer of high-tech gundrill/milling centers for moulds, mould bases and blocks. Manufacturer of deep hole drilling machines for cylindrical parts.

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