I.M.S.A. MF1250/2FL

  • Specs
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    Drilling Diameter
    0.9843 "
    Drilling Depth
    49.21 "
  • Product Overview

    Larger than the long-standing MF1000/2F model, the new Gundrill/Milling Machine MF1250/2FL offers a horizontal travel of X = 1.700 mm; and a net vertical travel Y = 800 mm.

    6 controlled axes: thanks to working flexibility the piece require only minimal handling, also with inclined machining (rotary table).

    The rotary-tilting table (that can be angles in two directions) enables you to drill complex waterlines, also compound-angle, thankt to the 360.000 pos/rev infinite position rotation and the infinite position ±22,5° inclination.

    Milling axis on separate spindle for operations such as flattening, spot-facing, tapping. The main advantage of the center MF1250/2FL is its versatility. In fact, a deep drilling center offering also good milling capabilities can strongly reduce the production time of a mold and minimize its handling among the different machines in the workshop.

    No intervention required for transition between drilling and milling and back, thanks to the two separate spindles.

    With one single origin a series of differently inclined drillings is executed on the whole face of the mold. Positioning after inclination is calculated by CNC.

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  • About Company

    Manufacturer of high-tech gundrill/milling centers for moulds, mould bases and blocks. Manufacturer of deep hole drilling machines for cylindrical parts.

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