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Model:SAD 4000
Type:Coil Winders
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Product Overview

Series SAD
Motorized Double Self-centering Decoilers

Load: 4000+4000
Width max: 750 mm
External diameter: 1400 mm
Internal diameter: 450:550
Power: 2.25 AF
Expansion: Hydraulic
180° Rotation: Motorized


Iron system are identified by unique profile, strong and aggressive. A 'perfect balance to express a discreet avant-garde and sophisticated project, but the design is not an end in itself. The aim of the engineers in the technical office and the team of over 80 technicians, who follow the design process, is to create intelligent products in which ergonomics, simplicity of use and an eye for detail meet the essential industrial characteristics of the systems. produzione3 produzione4 The company uses robots for welding metal parts, latest generation 5-axis machining centres to help guarantee the high quality of its systems, quality assurance workshops (where precision tests are carried out on the materials, the quality and tolerance of the welds, processes, painting and assembly) as well as employing a. comprehensive series of checks and inspections at 360° The long experience of the highly-qualified engineers? who work in the company guarantees products that increasingly offer the added value that only complex industrial processes can assure.


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