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Type:Form Grinders
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Dimensions:100"W x 96"H x 102"D
Weight:11000 (LBS)

Product Overview

In order to produce finished cutting tools you must begin with a prepared blank. The challenge is to produce a machine for Carbide and HSS blank preparation that is both flexible and very productive.

ITM’s Form Grinder (PFG) is designed to form both ends of a part complete in one setup. Two rigid chucks are mounted opposite each other onto high precision rails. For maximum support during grinding, the parts are clamped as deep as possible into the precision chucks that maintain 0.01mm concentricity. For utmost flexibility the chuck jaws have a clamping range of 8.5mm. If chucks are installed that use a set of precision ground jaws per diameter, the concentricity can be maintained within 0.002mm. The machine can be equipped with an automatic cassette loader to allow for hours of unattended operation.

Model Brochure (6.33 MB)
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International Tool Machines, ITM

About International Tool Machines, ITM

ITM was founded with the purpose of supplying application driven, high value production grinding machines to a worldwide customer base. ITM builds the machines that help customers build precise tools in less time. Precision built to last. Continuous improvement of products is an ITM policy. Grinding out the limitations.


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