J&M TL1400E

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Type:Engine Lathes
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Swing:55.12 "
Spindle Bore:5.118 "
Swing Over Cross Slide:39.37 "

Product Overview

  Model No. TL1400E
 Item No.
 Max weight of workpiece 8T
 Max swing over bed 1400 mm
 Max swing over cross slide 1000 mm
 Center distance 1.5m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m
 Width of bed 780 mm
 Spindle hole Φ130 mm
 Spindletaper metric 140#
 Spindle speeds 3.15~315 r/min or 2.5~250 r/mm, foreward.21,kinds, reversal.12,kinds
 Metric threads range (kinds) 44 kinds 1-120 mm
 Inch threads range (kinds) 31 kinds 1/4~24 T.P.I.
 Moudle threads range (kinds) 45 kinds 0.5~60 mm
 Diametrical threads range (kinds) 38 kinds 1/2~56 D.P.
 Longitudinal feeds range (kinds ) 56 kinds 0.1~12 mm
 Cross feed range ( kinds ) 56 kinds 0.05~6 mm
 Rapid feed Longitudinal/Cross 3400 mm/min,1700 mm/min.
 Distance between Center & Tool 48 mm
 Tool section 45x45 mm
 Cross slide travel 650 mm
 Compound rest travel 280 mm
 Taistock quill travel 300 mm
 Taistock quill diameter Φ160 mrn
 Taistock quill taper metric 80# or Mose 6#
 Main motor 22 kw
 Coolant motor 150 w
 Rapid feed motor 1.5 kw

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J&M TL1400E

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