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Type:CNC Lathes
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Bar Capacity:3.937 "
Swing:31.5 "
Machining Length:118.1 "

Product Overview

1. Main  Specifications:                       TN800-CNC         
Max. swing over bed                     Φ800mm         
Max. swing over carriage                   Φ510             
Distance between centers     3000mm                  

Max. length of work-piece               2850mm

Spindle through-hole                          Φ100mm

Width of the bed                              550mm

Max. loading weigh of workpiece           2000kgs


Taper of spindle hole                   120 for metric
Taper of spindle center                     Morse No.5

Model of Spindle nose            No. C11(1:4;φ196.869mm)

Spindle speed range (four ranges stepless change)       12.5--800r/min


Size of turret                                     250mm×250mm

Size of cutter cross section            32mm×32mm

Max. X axis travel               490mm

Position number of turret                                      4

Max. allowable cutting force  P z                             1470

Max. allowable force for longitudinal feed  P x                 5880N

Max. allowable force for cross feed  P y                       4078N


Quill diameter                  100mm

Quill stroke                   250mm

Taper of quill front-end hole                           Morse No.5

5. Hydraulic and lubrication system

Device of automatic lubrication                     AMO-Ⅱ-150S/3Ⅱ
Model of gear pump                                     CB-B6
Rated pressure of gear pump                   2.54MPa (25kgf/cm2)
Flow rate of gear pump                                    6 L/min
Model of gear pump motor                             AO2-7124-B5

Working pressure of oil cylinder        0.98-1.176MPa (10-12kgf/cm2)

6.Cooling system:

Model of cooling pump                                   AOB-25
Power of cooling motor                                  90W
Flow of cooling pump                                   25L/min

7.Driving system:

Model of main motor (frequency conversion)              YP160M-4-B3

Main motor power                                        11KW

Rotational speed of motor                             1460r/min

Model of V-belt                                         B2190

Number of V-belt                                      4 pieces

8.Machine attachments:

3-jaw chuck                            325mm (manual operation)

Operating and repairing tools                            1 set

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