J & W SLCM350W

  • Specs
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    Table Dia
    124 "
    137.8 "
    Work Ht-U/R
    78.74 "
    4000 rpm
  • Product Overview

    Table diameter 3150mm
    Max. turning dia. 3500mm
    Max. workpiece height 1600/2000/2500mm
    Max. workpiece weight 40/50/63t
    Tool post turning force 40kn
    Spindle Spindle power (optional) 22kw
    Spindle speed 5~4000rpm
    Spindle taper ISO7:24NO50
    Ram section 350 x 350mm
    Max. torque 1080N.m
    Distance between spindle nose and table 250~2250mm
    Table Max. torque 80KN.m
    Table speed 0.5~50rpm
    Table traveling range (MLCM350Q MLCM400Q MLCM500Q) 1500mm
    Table fast-traveling speed(MLCM350Q MLCM400Q MLCM500Q) 8000mm/min
    Table swing speed 0.005~rpm/min
    Table positioning indexing accuracy ±6"
    Tool post feeds stepless
    Axes travel X axis -20~2015mm

    Y axis (MLCM350Q MLCM400Q MLCM500Q) -20~2015mm
    Z axis 1000mm
    W axis 2000mm
    Gantry effective width (MLCM350Q MLCM400Q MLCM500Q) 3250mm
    X/Y/Z positioning accuracy X,Y,Z axes repositioning accuracy 0.005/0.005/0.005mm
    X,Y,Z axes positioning accuracy (300mm) 0.008/0.008/0.008mm
    Axes feed speed Turning speed X/Y/Z 5/5/5m/min
    Fast travel speed X/Y/Z/W 8/10/10/5m/min
    Capacity 100KVA

  • About Company
    Nanjing J & W Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    Our company was founded in 1993. We are a comprehensive machine tool manufacturer with full range of metal turning and metal forming machinery   We take care of all the machines’ after sale service as long as they are exported by us. During the warranty period, all the spare parts are free based on our warranty policy.   With our international partners’ support, we are able to offer local after sale service for end users in the whole Europe, North America, South America and some Asian countries like India.

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