• Specs
  • Product Overview

    Max. & Min. Thread's Diameter of Tapping 2~8
    Max. & Min. Length of Tapping 1~40
    Max. & Min. Across Corner or Diameter 4~15
    Main Motor(HP) 3/4HPx4P
    Cooling Oil Pump 1/8HP
    Cooling Oil Tank's Capacity(Liter) 30L
    Clamp Working-Pieces' Power Pneumatic
    Net Weight (kgs) 500kgs
    Length x Width x Height (mm) 1500x1100x2000

  • About Company

    JARHON Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of gear-type teeth away from the automatic tapping machines, air hydraulic automatic drilling machine company. Product Classification: 1. Gear teeth from the automatic tapping 2. Pneumatic, hydraulic automatic drilling machine 3. Multi-axis device 4. Special Machine

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