JASU IB 500-2

IB 500-2
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    Along with the increasing requirement to high quality and outlook appearance, the products manufactured by the old style extrusion blowing machine cannot fulfill the customer demand any further. The whole process including mould injection, stretch blowing and off-molding can be finished within one step if using the injection blowing molding machine for manufacturing. The products from this machine don't contain any flash, sprue, and much less disfigurement. It can present the perfect looking mouth, bottom and wedding line as well as the better transparence and higher rigidity. The injection blowing molding products are thinner than old style ones, which can save 50% material. Besides the merit mentioned above, the one step injection blowing moulding machine can perform the higher speed and more efficient energy saving.

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    Guangzhou JASU Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

    JASU International Machinery Group,held by Sunny(HK) Group, was founded based on the cooperation of TaiWan and Germany machinery company. Its core subsidiaries include: Guangzhou JASU Precision Machinery Co.,LTD,Suzhou ZhongGu Precision Machinery Co.,LTD., Taiwan JASU Machinery Industry Co., LTD., Germany Krauss Machinery Co., LTD. JASU Group pays attention to product R&D and talent training, have built a leading advantage in the areas of CNC machine tool and its functional unit, injection blow molding machine, manipulator, also in unique sustainable competitive ability. Through the collaboration between our R&D Centre and member companies under JASU Group, the Company is able to provide comprehensive application solutions and technical advices, aiming of adding value for our customers with our products and solutions. We emphasis on the long-term relationship based on mutual benefit with our cooperative partners and insist to provide customers with the state-of-the-art technology, best products and services. JASU Group will still continue adhering to the group spirit of "Truth-seeking is dedicated to create classic machinery;Working together create JASU brilliant achievements”, go ahead hand in hand, bring win-win cooperation, make contributions to society, strive to create the brand of “first-class machinery designer and manufacturer, world famous mechanical equipment. In order to further develop the international market, we are sincerely invite you to join us as our agent, on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. WE PROMISE: AS OUR AGENT, 1. Most favorable price will be offered; 2. Technical instruction and after-sale service will be supplied. Looking forward to your visiting and joining in.

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