• Product Overview

    For iMac microphone assembly process lead to offset defect ,JetEazy offer an integrated solution using high resolution camera to catch instant image for picture inspection .Getting better yield rate by check O.K. and distinguish NG to re-work station


    One 10M camera for 30mm FOV.

    The resolution will become 0.01mm and the gap 0.2mm will composed by 20 pixels.

    2 Side light bars for light up the tunnel.

  • About Company

    Founded in September 2001, JetEazy specializes in optical visual inspection and measurement equipment. Our main production line consists of optical visual inspection systems, which require technologies in integrated optical image capturing systems, image processing, precision machinery and motion control. Our product line can be applied to non-contact precision measurement and automated optical inspection systems (AOI), which provide a complete solution for optical visual applications, and therefore complete application systems and project plans. JetEazy is the first company in Taiwan to use optical visual inspection (ultra high speed, high resolution) during the precision testing of Notebooks and LED. Our measurement technology has upgraded from 2D flat measurement to 3D stereoscopic measurement, and equipment from QC sampling equipment to full inspection production equipment, making us a technology leader in the industry. Our company has set up a sales office in Suzhou, China, to actively establish ourselves in the Chinese market by expanding into the optoelectronics and Notebook manufacturing industries. We aim to establish ourselves in Taiwan and expand into China. With the headquarter located in Hsinchu Taiwan; JetEazy maintains a network of facilities throughout Suzhou China, to meet the complex and changing needs of its global customer base.

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