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Angle (L1):6.299 "
Angle (L2):6.299 "
Angle (T):0.5512 "
Tonnage:132.277 T

Product Overview

APEC Brand AIW series Ironworker features multiple functions, including: punching all kinds of holes (round hole, square hole, oblong hole), louver punching, steel plate punching, flat bar punching, angle steel punching, C-channel punching, H-beam punching, I-beam punching, profile steel shearing (channel shearing, I-beam shearing, round/square bar shearing, flat bar shearing, T-bar shearing, steel plate shearing, angle steel shearing), notching, press brake, angle steel notching , bending, pipe notching. It comes standard with: quick-change coupling nut & sleeve, squaring arm with scale, electronic back gauge, gauging table with stops, punching base table, safety guards and more.We can design any special tools according to your metal fabricating requirements.

APEC Brand AIW-S series is improved machine on the base of standard AIW series. It goes along with automatic holding system and temperature cooling system.
Automatic Holding System: There is automatic holding system in angle steel shearing and plate shearing work position. The holders will fix the position of work-piece, in this way, the accuracy is better and more safety for workers meanwhile save time and Improve working efficiency.
Temperature cooling system: Once start the machine,the cooling system starts working automatically.The hydraulic oil temperature always stays at 60 degree or less.It is applicable and safety for processing in quantities and long time.

1. High Quality Components & System
a. Main Electrical component: Schneider, Germany.
b. Valve: Yuken, Japan
c. Pump: Atos, Italy
d. Oil Seals: NOK, Japan
e. Timer Relay: OMRON, Japan
f. Wiring Terminal Block:WEIDMULLER, Germany
g. Motor: Weiteli, China
2. Cost Effective
AIW SERIES Hydraulic Ironworker With Very good price/performance ratio
Various AIW SERIES Hydraulic Ironworker capacity from 45T to 400T to meet your requirement.
3. Stable Performance & Reliable Quality
AIW Series Hydraulic Ironworker use hydraulic transmission. Light weight, low noise, reliable performance.
4. Simple Operation
The operation of hydraulic ironworker is controlled by foot switch.

Technical Parameters:

Hole Punching
Punching Pressure 1200 KN
Max. Punching Thickness 25 mm
Max. Diameter of Punching 35 mm
Depth of Throat 400 mm
Max. Length of Cylinder Stroke 80 mm
Flat-bar Shearing
Angle of Shear 8° degree
Max. Shearing Thickness 25 mm
Flat Bar (W×T) 600x16 mm
Angle Steel Shearing
90° Shearing of Equal Angle Steel 160x160x14 mm
45°Shearing of Equal Angle Steel 80x80x7 mm
Profile Steel Shearing
Round-bar 60 mm
Square-bar 50x50 mm
T-bar 160x80x14 mm
I-beam 200/102x9 mm
C-channel 200x75x9 mm
Thickness 14 mm
Width 57 mm
Depth 100 mm
Material Tensile Strength 450 N/mm2
Motor Power 7.5 KW
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H ) 2350x980x2100 mm
Gross Weight 4800 Kg



APEC Lathe is a professional manufacturer specialized in the design, production and sales of all types of lathe, including mechanical universal ironworkers, hydraulic plate bending machine and shearing machine, notching machine, gear hobbing machine, pipe bending machine, tube punching machine and rolling machine in China. APEC was founded in 1990 in China. It is firstly begun with a private workshop and now has grown up to a world-class supplier of lathes, always produced top-quality lathe at affordable prices. High accuracy, high quality, high efficiency machines, innovation design, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and rigorous quality control guarantee the users’ outstanding precision performance. APEC conforms to the ISO9001:2008 standardization quality benchmarks for ensuring qualitative and quantitative long term benefits for all the customers. www.cnapec.com lulu@cnapec.com


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