JIANYANG φ180/φ350×350

  • Product Overview

    Rolling conditions

    1. Material: excellent steel, carbon steel, low alloy steel belt etc.

    2. Blank specifications: thickness 2--7mm, width≤280mm, the maximum weight 2000kg

    3. Product specification: ≥ 0.7mm, roll inner diameterφ410mm, outside diameterφ1400mm, the maximum weight 2000kg

    4. Rolling dynamic: p≤2500KN

    5. The maximum rolling speed:v≤120m/min

    2. Equipment component

    A. main frame specifications:φ180/φ350×350 Four rollers reversible cold rolling mills

    B. transmission mode:Working roller drive transmission

    C. pressure system:

    a. pressure motor power:7.5KW×2, 6 class

    b. One Level of worm gear and worm complementary: WS180 I=40, Center distance A=180mm

    c: Two Level of worm gear and worm complementary:Double enveloping worm gear surface, Center distance A=240mm Mn=10mm, I=40

    d.pressurescrew:S120×6, pressure speed: 0.05mm/s

    e. pressure box used steel castings

    D. frame system:

    a.Two closed frame, frame surface section 200×260, Material: ZG35

    b.The overall processing, artificial brush shovel

    c.Tension frame, Thickness Gauge C frame

    E. Roll part:

    a. Work roll diameter × width of roll surface: φ180×350, Material: 9Cr2Mo, Bearings: compound tiles, needle bearing

    b. Roller bearing track× roller surface width: φ350×320mm, Material: 9Cr2Mo, Bearings:exclusive use of FCD mill bearings

    c.Lubrication way of bearing: Grease lubrication

    d. Support-roller balance way: hydraulic balance

    e. Roller changed way: hydraulic change roller

    F. Main drive components

    a. Main Motor Model: Z4-250-42DC motor, power P = 160KW

    b. the main reducer ZLY355

    c. miter gear box: the center distance A = 230mm, Mn = 10mm

    d. reducer lubrication methods: thin oil forced lubricating

    e. shaft type: industrial universal joint cross shaft SWC200

    f. base: split-type steel base

    3. Coiler machine: hydraulic four-pyramid inflation shrinkage coiler machine

    a. Reel specification: φ410×350

    b. Inflation shrinkage capacity:20mm

    c. Hydraulic pusher, hydraulic car.

    d. The maximumvolume weight: ≤2000kg

    e. Main Motor: Z4 DC Motor, P=75KW

    f. Reducer: ZQ65 type

    g. Coiling tension: T≤20KN

    4. Thin oil lubrication station: responsible for reducer lubrication system

    5. Units share a hydraulic system Hydraulic Station Control

    With accumulator, electric contact pressure gauge, unloading device, relief valve, filter device, liquid level display, the system pressure to control grade functions.

    6. Processing lubrication station (user self-provided)

    7. Thickness gauge:QNT-II-type use of ray thickness gauge(user self-provided)

    8. Electric control system

    a. DC speed control system adopts European company imported 2 bridge four quadrant weak magnetic control device 590 system.

    b. main motor, important electrical equipment and mechanical device adopt safe protection measures.

    9. Wearing parts and information

    a. Supply parts list provided.

    b. Provide equipment instructions and control principle diagram

    10. Installation and commissioning

    1. For months to advance the provision of equipment installed base map, forming the basis for the implementation of the second casting.

    2. Equipment to the scene after the party responsible for the installation guide.

  • About Company

    We, Wuxi Jianyang Technology Co., Ltd, China leading expert in designing and manufacturing roll forming machines. We use and produce high-technology utilizing the most available robotic and automatic techniques. Every work is uncompromisingly designed to improve our clients' competitiveness and productivity. Since 1990s, the market for steel structure building industry boomed. With fast development, very short period for construction and beautiful external appearance, as well reasonable price was occupied in the market of building industry. We invest more on developing roll forming machine such as Metal roof &wall panels machines, C&Z purlin machines drywall Stud-track forming machines , Metal decks machines , K span forming machines, Guard rails forming machines , Downspout and gutter forming machines and so on. We continuously provide the most valuable automatic roll forming solutions to all around the world. Our modern manufacturing facilities utilize the latest high-tech production machinery, including plasma/flame cutting machine tools, auto welding stations, machining centres, and paints line. We care most of environment-friendly in the mean while of factory designing. We apply proven experiences and innovative solutions to our products and services. We won a good reputation by our tremendous efforts and strategic adjustment in accordance with clients' real-time requirements.

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