• Specs
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    Marking Area
    3.937 "
    Marking Area
    3.937 "
    Max Laser Output Power
    50 W
  • Product Overview

    1. Excellent beam quality: This series of fiber laser marking machines are much better than the traditional marking machine, condensation diameter is less than 20um, divergence angle is 1/4 of the semiconductor pumping source laser, used in accurate marking.
    2. Low use-cost: high turnover ratio between electricity and laser, the whole machine power consumption is less than 500W, which is 1/10 of light pumping source laser.
    3. Maintenance-free Operation: There is no need of any maintenance for laser, or to adjust/clean the lens.
    4. Fast marking speed, 2-3 times faster than the traditional marking machine.
    5. Long working life: using fiber laser as pumping source, working hours can reach as long as 100,000 hours.
    6. Rotary worktable system is optional, thus, accomplish marking on cambered surface.
    7. Air-cooling, no water chiller needed like YAG laser marker, easy transportation.
    8.This machine won’t be affected by bad environment and the temperature change.


    Applicable Material:
    Stainless steel, Copper, Iron, Aluminum, Plastic, PVC, Ceramics, PCB, Gold and Silver, almost metal and non-metal materials.
    Applicable Industry:
    Widely used in automobile, motorcycle parts, aerospace components, integrated circuit chips, food and beverage packaging tobacco, the phone keypad, battery, electronic components, computer parts and peripherals, hardware and tools, stainless steel utensils, electrical products, communications products, medical equipment, sanitary ware, clocks and watches and jewelry, industrial bearings, wire and cable, costume jewelry, and many other fields of graphics and text markings.


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  • About Company

    We, Jinan Possible, specialized in laser machine, such as fiber laser marking machine, diamomd girdle laser marking machine, raman spectrometer, 3d laser engraving machine and co2 laser engraving cutting machine.

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