• Specs
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    Max Laser Output Power
    8 W
  • Product Overview

    Model PBL-DG08
    Laser supply Green ray laser
    Wavelength 532nm
    Output power 8W
    Marking scope 75*75mm
    Marking depth ≤0.2mm
    Beam quality M2<1.2
    Marking linear speed ≤7000mm/s
    Marking linear width ≤0.08mm
    Marking character height ≤0.1mm
    Peak power >75KW
    Pulse length 6ns
    Repeat marking accuracy ≤10μrad
    Cooled method Air cooled
    Power requirement 220V AC/50Hz
    Power consumption ≤0.6KW

    1.532nm output wavelength lower heat affecting on work pieces;
    2.High precise laser head with vibrating mirror, accurate marking effect and can be
    repeatedly processed;
    3.Highly precise and thin laser spot can make sure of perfect marking effect.

  • About Company

    We, Jinan Possible, specialized in laser machine, such as fiber laser marking machine, diamomd girdle laser marking machine, raman spectrometer, 3d laser engraving machine and co2 laser engraving cutting machine.

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