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    Pendulum Impact Testing Machine
    Charpy impact testing machines are used to determine the impact toughness of metal materials under dynamic load. They are designed according to the international standards ISO148 and ASTM E23. The machines are especially suitable for laboratory, metallurgy industry, machinery production, steel plant and other fields.
    There are three types of models: including JB, JBS & JBW series.
    JB Series Semi-automatic type: it features as pendulum to be raised or released automatically, dial gauge to show the impact energy. Easy to operate & high efficiency
    JBS Series Digital Display type: by adopting PLC Controller, the results can be displayed on both digital screen and dial gauge. The test results also can be printed out.
    JBW series Computer type: Carry out the functions of zero clearing and automatic return, capturing the value of lost impact energy and pendulum cycle by means of setting up with computer program, and the results can be monitored, stored and printed out.

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