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    661.386 T
    7.874 "
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    Item / Model Unit HCP-600
    Capacity Tons 600
    Stroke of ram mm 50
    Adjustment of ram mm 50
    Number of stroke Spm 100
    Work number of stroke Spm 16
    Shut height mm 600
    Rated tonnage point mm 5
    (L-R & F-B) Ram dimension mm 670*600
    (L-R & F-B) Table dimension mm 770*1100
    (L-R & F-B) Side window mm 400*510
    Main motor Kwxp 45kw*6p
    Ram of adjustment motor Kwxp 0.75kw*4p
    Motor of lubrication Kwxp 0.1kw*4p
    Ejector in the ram Tons-mm 3Ton-20mm
    Ejector in the table Tons-mm 5Ton-40mm
    Ejector hydraulic oil motor Kwxp 3.7kw*6p
    Air pressure kg/cm2 5
    Press weight kg 35,000
    (L*W*H*) Press dimension mm 2829*2490*4450

    HCP series machine is suitable for steel, aluminum and brass forging process. It is common to see HCP series machine be used in producing hand tools, forged parts for automobile and machine, forged parts for Sanitary and sport equipments.

    ※ Gear transmission, long guide ways and multi-station forging operation allowed.
    ※ Rigid machine body can reduce the deformation of press frame, more accurate. and can afford long time work.
    ※ Integrated Alloy Eccentric Shaft is strong and durable.
    ※ Multi Circuit Loop Safety System, secure and reliable.
    ※ Automatic Lubrication System, easily to maintenance and keep the machine in good condition.
    ※ Rapid Stroke speed, less tooling worn out with better die life.
    ※ Precision fulfill the CNS machine standard.

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