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    881.848 T
    8.661 "
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    Item / Model Unit JKP-800L
    Capacity Tons 800
    Stroke of ram mm 220
    Adjustment of ram mm 15
    Number of stroke Spm 35
    Work number of stroke Spm 12
    Shut height mm 650
    Rated tonnage point mm 8
    (L-R & F-B) Ram dimension mm 800*800
    (L-R & F-B) Table dimension mm 950*900
    (L-R & F-B) Side window mm 650*600
    Main motor Kwxp 75kw*4p
    Ram of adjustment motor Kwxp 0.75kw*4p
    Motor of lubrication Kwxp 0.75kw*4p
    Ejector in the ram Tons-mm 6Ton-30mm
    Ejector in the table Tons-mm 3x10=30Ton-80mm
    Oil hydraulic press of cluth Kwxp 3.75kw*6p
    Oil type cooler of cluth Kwxp 3.2kw
    Working number-distance Number-mm 3-200
    Air pressure kg/cm2 5
    Press weight kg 68,000
    (L*W*H*) Press dimension mm 3480*2875*5565

    JKP Knuckle Joint Cold Forging Presses are suitable for precise and minimum tolerance cold forging applications such as parts for automobiles, bicycle, aerospace device, and engine. Of course the machine could be used in steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium alloy forging. The machine not only could produce cold forging parts, but also could do coining and sizing the shape of hot forging parts.


    ※ Special cam design, taper shape design can easily adjust the ejecting angle as requirement.
    ※ Extremely rigid machine structure is good for long time continuously forging process.
    ※ Conic-Ring design can protect the ejector against overload.
    ※ Knuckle structure makes ram longer stay at dead point, slowly forming metal, then return to primal position with regular speed.
    ※ Automatic Lubrication System keeps the machine well lubricated.
    ※ Equipped with automatic transfer system can realize mass production process.
    ※ Precision and safety fulfill the CNS machine standard.

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