• Specs
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    Angle Capacity
    2 "
    Angle Capacity
    2 "
    Angle Capacity
    0.25 "
    4 hp
  • Product Overview

    The JMT-PBH45 uses a sophisticated, hydraulic powered system that drives its 3 roll configuration. It has a large shaft diameter of 1.8″ and roll diameters of 6.4″. The advantage of hydraulic power reduces set-up time as well as uses pre-made dies that are changed to fit the size and dimension of each material. The PHN45 is capable of producing minimum diameters of squares with 2″ x ¾” dimensions. It can create various profile types of flat, square and round shapes with additional options for special bending desires.

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  • About Company

    Finding the right metalworking machine for your business or project is easy with JMT USA! We offer a wide variety of metalworking and fabricating machines to complete any bending, forming, or rolling application. We have built custom projects for world class projects including SpaceX. JMT USA provided the high grade press brakes, angle rolls, and plate rolls used to fabricate the rockets and space vehicles for SpaceX. Our high quality machine tools and complete service make JMT USA the best choice for all of your fabrication machining needs.

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