JOTUN HPB-63T/2500

  • Specs
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    69.446 T
    OA (Overall) Length
    98.43 "
    Between Housings
    78.74 "
    # Axis
  • Product Overview

    Jotun Sheet Metal Hydraulic NC Press Brake



    Aotumatic: Manual

    Controller: E10,E20+,E21 Estun,China

    Optional: quick clamp and light curtain

    I. Main Features

    1.Adopts all_steel welded structure and stress elimination by

    vibration with high machine strength and good rigidness.

    2.Hydraulic upper transmission,torsion axis synchronization

    with high accuracy,which is stable and reliable.

    3.Back gauge can be viewd and programm by controller

    4.Motorize stroke.

    5.High bending accuracy.

    6.Aging vibration

    7. Bending for carbon steel,stainless,alloy,copper,galvanize sheet

    and other sheet metal

  • About Company
    Hefei Jotun Machinery Import&Export Co.,Ltd.

    Hefei Jotun supply China professional Metal tank shell,dished end,flat sheet polishing/grinding/buffing machine,welding seam treatment Equipment,widely usedfor pharmaceutical industry,food,water purification,water supply,chemical,and new energy.Including elliptical dish,cone dish head,spherical shell ,butterfly shell,pharmaceutical stainless steel tank,pressure vessel,brewery,cylinder,cosmetic,sanitary,reaction kettle,fermentation tank,sterilizer,disinfection cabinet,filter, and LNG etc.

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