• Specs
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    132 T
    16 "
    3 "
    85.5" x 44" x 80.7"
    9,460 lbs.
  • Product Overview

    Round Bar Shear----1.75"
    Rectangle Notcher W x D x T-----2" x 3.5" x .5"
    Single Vee Press Brake L x T-----9.875" x .75"*
    Punch Capacity----1.125" x 1.062"
    Punching Pressure-----132 Tons
    Pipe Notching-----4.4"*
    Multi Vee Press Brake L x T-----27.5" x .187"*
    Throat Depth -----16"
    Vee Notcher Side x Side x T------4.1" x 4.1" x .6"*
    Working Height-----30.3"
    Square Bar Shear------1.75" x 1.75"
    Angle Shearing at 90°------6" x 6" x .6"
    Angle Bending------4" x .5"*
    Angle Flange Trim------4"
    Blade Length------18.3"
    Large V Notcher Side x Side x T-----5.75" x 5.75" x .5"*
    Max. Stroke Length------3"
    Diameter x Thickness ------2" x .625"
    Cycles / Min. -------30 @ 15 mm
    Flat Bar Shearing-----18.1" x .75"
    Power------220V 3-Phase
    Shipping Weight-----9,460 lbs.
    Shipping Dimensions-----85.5" x 44" x 80.7"

  • About Company
    Hefei Jotun Machinery Import&Export Co.,Ltd.

    Hefei Jotun supply China professional Metal tank shell,dished end,flat sheet polishing/grinding/buffing machine,welding seam treatment Equipment,widely usedfor pharmaceutical industry,food,water purification,water supply,chemical,and new energy.Including elliptical dish,cone dish head,spherical shell ,butterfly shell,pharmaceutical stainless steel tank,pressure vessel,brewery,cylinder,cosmetic,sanitary,reaction kettle,fermentation tank,sterilizer,disinfection cabinet,filter, and LNG etc.

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