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Table Size:31.1 "
Table Size:35.43 "

Product Overview

DC1090B CNC engraving and milling machine is a set of performance of each gear milling machine carving characteristics in one, can be used for carving can also be suitable for engraving and milling, reasonable structure, strong stability, high precision, high precision roller linear guide, more rigid, so the machine is close to the performance of high speed milling, the models of the launch will be greatly to promote the development of mold industry.

The performance indexes of the project
DC1090B standard value
1XYZ positioning accuracy ± 0.01mm/300mm
2Repeat positioning accuracy of XYZ axis ± 0.005mm
3XYZ axis travel 1000x900x400mm
4Work table size 790x900mm
5Z to the space height 500mm
6The maximum working load 1000kg
7The bed body weight 4.5T
8Engraving of the maximum power consumption
Three phase 380V/ phase 220V/12KW
9Spindle motor input power 8KW (optional machine spindle)
10Spindle speed 15000rpm
11The high speed movement and carving 8m/min
12CNC system Taiwan SYNTEC high speed engraving system
(optional HIGERMAN)
ER32 (Φ 3.17- Φ 2
14Drive motor AC servo motor
15Size and shape 2500x1800x2500 (mm)

About Ningbo Kaibo CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Kaibo CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. (Nanjing Yong Bo NC Technology Co., Ltd.) predecessor Ninghai County Feihe mechanical carving factory independent research and development, design, production of CNC engraving and milling machine was rated as Ningbo brand-name products, and possession of engraving and milling machine market More than 30% of the share. Another professional production of engraving machine, CNC engraving machine, computer engraving machine, gantry processing center


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