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Table Size:19.69 "
Table Size:23.62 "

Product Overview

Flying crane DC6050A type CNC engraving machine is a classic model of the company research and development of new, increased the X, Y, Z axis work schedule, adopt a full range of high precision numerical control special bearings and high precision linear rolling guide and rolling screw, Japanese servo motor. Beam and support the overall casting, make the machine has a higher rigidity and machining accuracy. Fully enclosed fashion design, smooth lines, lively, beautiful shape, easy. Can be equipped with 1.5 KW and 2.2 KW spindle, high accuracy frequency conversion is particularly suited to shape of mold cavity carved milling in precision plastic mold, stamping mold, copper electrode and injection molding, cold stamping die, and the machining process of copper and steel is unique.

Performance indicators project DC6050A standard

XYZ Positioning accuracy ±0.01mm/300mm
XYZ ±0.005mm

Repositioning precision shaft

XYZ Shaft work schedule 600x500x170mm
Table size 600x500mm

Z 340mm

To the space height

Maximum working load 250kg

Bed the weight 2.2T

Carving processing maximum power consumption 三相380V/单相220V/6KW

Spindle motor input power 3KW

Spindle speed 21000rpm

The high speed movement and carvings 8m/min

Numerical control system 台湾SYNTEC高速雕刻系统
Cutting tool holder Er20(Φ3.17-Φ12)

Drive motor 交流伺服电机

Overall dimensions 1500x1800x2000(mm)

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