• Product Overview

    Model  Q585
    work piece size Ф800 x1200  mm
    working position 4
    Number of imperller heads 6 kg
    shot flow rate 6 x360  kg/min
    imperller head power 6 x22  kw
    Hoist capacity 500 kg
    hoist productivity 55 h
    Chamber size 8500 x1800 x3885  mm
    Air flow rate 18000 m³/h
    Total power 186.85 kw

  • About Company
    Shandong Kaitai Group Co., Ltd.

    Shandong Kaitai Metal Abrasive Co., Ltd. is the biggest manufacturer of metal abrasive in Asia which integrates with technical research, development and production. Cooperating with Material Science & Engineering College of Shandong University and guided by experts and professors of metal abrasive field. The company has developed 8 series including cast steel shot, cast steel grit, steel cut wire shot, stainless steel shot, stainless steel cut wire shot, aluminium shot, zinc shot, copper shot, 80 kinds of abrasive products. The company could produces 250,000 tons metal abrasive. Based on 300 million Yuan (RMB) of fixed assets, with a yearly turnover of 500 million Yuan (RMB). Kaitai Steel Shot Abrasive (HONGKONG) Co., Ltd. is in charge of overseas sales of steel shot, steel grit.

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