• Product Overview

    Automatic vulcanizer for curing silicone or organic rubber moulds for centrifgal casting.

    Features: .
    1. Automatic control .
    2. Automatic pressure regulation.
    2. Automatic temperature control .
    3. Curing cycle timer.
    4. Automatic forced cooling .
    5. Digital display temperature and time.
    6. Maximum pressure protection .
    7. Environmental and energy saving insulation design to provide a better temperature uniformity and energy cost saving.

    Model APM12 APM14 APM16 APM18 APM20.
    Mould diameter, max 12" 14" 16" 18" 20".
    Mould thickness, max 150mm .
    Power 6KW 6KW 9.6KW 10.8KW 12KW.
    Pressure, max 32T 32T 50T 50T 50T.

  • About Company

    mainly export sand blasting machines and media, vibratiry machines and media, abrasive media, spin casting machine from china.

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