• Product Overview

    Internal pipe blasters are specially designed to blast internal surface of pipes dia from 15mm to 900mm. The blaster is connected to a blast machine in place of a standard blast nozzle.
    To blast clean the interior of a pipe, connect the blaster to a blast machine firmly, put the blaster into the pipe and pressurize the machine. Push the blaster through the pipe, abrasive and blasted material will be blown out the other end.

    Model: IPB900.
    processable pipe: 300mm-900 ID, with 2 sets of legs.
    Air source: 0.6-0.7 MPa
    Rotary speed: 80RPM
    Nozzle: 2pcs B4C nozzles, option: 6m,8mm,9mm
    Blast capacity: 16-21 m2/h
    Cleaning grade: Sa2.5-3.0
    Adoptable abrasive: Brown fused alumina, steel grit, steel shot.

  • About Company

    mainly export sand blasting machines and media, vibratiry machines and media, abrasive media, spin casting machine from china.

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