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    This Kaufman Model 10ER-24B CNC Filter Plate Tapping Machine includes sixteen interchangeable part nests located in four stations around the dial plate. The machine is equipped with two working stations comprised of a 10ER-2 Tapping Head with a 4 position multiple spindle head assembly, and a four spindle wire brush station to remove burrs from the threads. Parts are automatically loaded into the machine from a bulk type centrifugal feeder with elevator type hopper into a vibratory feed track and escapement assembly. A CNC controlled pick and place unit transfers four parts simultaneously into the part nests and they are automatically ejected into bulk containers upon completion of machining operations. The machine produces over 2300 filter plates per hour.

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    Kaufman Mfg Co.

    Kaufman Manufacturing Company has been designing and building machines for a wide variety of applications for over 85 years. Many of our machines have been producing parts for over 30 years and still continue to operate in the field even today. We are a respected leader in custom built, high production machining systems.

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