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    This rotary transfer machine completed machining of a Diesel Engine Thermostat Housing at a rate of 109 parts per hour. High Speed Milling of 3 mounting faces was completed with a 3-axis CNC module using a PCD Diamond Face Mill. The part geometry required a free state flatness on those 3 faces of .003" and counter bore depths of two bores within .0015" This rotary transfer machine was chosen by the customer over 3 horizontal machining centers because it produced in one shift of operation what would have taken 2 shifts by the machining centers.

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    Kaufman Mfg Co.

    Kaufman Manufacturing Company has been designing and building machines for a wide variety of applications for over 85 years. Many of our machines have been producing parts for over 30 years and still continue to operate in the field even today. We are a respected leader in custom built, high production machining systems.

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