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KH HUPPERT 3072/2496 MP/SP

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Model:3072/2496 MP/SP
Type:Box Type (Draw/Harden) Furnaces
KH Huppert Company Inc.

About KH Huppert Company Inc.

Huppert Industries has been a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial heat-treating furnaces and ovens for over 75 years. Huppert Industries offers a complete line of hardening, tempering and dual chamber tool room furnaces. Complimenting the line are the heavy-duty production batch furnaces available in both hardening and tempering models. The batch furnaces are designed for hardening; annealing or other high temperature applications have the option of inert atmosphere processing capability. All tempering or draw ovens are equipped with circulating fans for maximum chamber temperature uniformity. Also available are special application industrial furnaces including the most reliable gas Nitriding pit furnace system on the market and high temperature furnaces capable or reaching temperatures up to 3100°F.

KH HUPPERT 3072/2496 MP/SP