CNC (Three axes servo motor control)
  • Specs
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    Power Pack
    50 A
    Table Size-W
    45.28 "
    Table Size-L
    25.59 "
    X-Axis Travel
    31.5 "
    Y-Axis Travel
    19.69 "
    Z-Axis Travel
    15.75 "
    CNC (Three axes servo motor control)
  • Product Overview

    Technical Parameters of CNC EDM Sinker B80
    Items unit B80
    Table size mm 1150×650
    Travel of X/Y/Z mm 800×500×400
    Oil load capacity of table mm 1800×1150×600
    Distance from electrode to table mm 480-880
    Max load of electrode weight Kg 100
    Load of table Kg 3000
    Dimension mm 2280×2570×2700
    Net weight of machine Kg 5000
    Total input KVA 10
    Max. Machining curretn A 50
    Control axes three-axis simultaneous motion

    Mechanical features:
    1. High rigidity structure, aging treatment of casting to remove inner stress to make sure long serving life of nice accuracy.
    2. Japanese THK linear guideway and ball screw, Panasonic servo motor to make sure top performance and stability.
    3. Machine is made according to Japanese JIS standard, positioning accuracy 5μm in random 100mm, re-positioning accuracy 2μm.
    4. Accuracy is inspected by laser interferometer

    Main features of CNC EDM Sinker:
    1. Self-adopted discharging machining control
    2. Timed control of high speed lifting and lifting height
    3. Set-point control of spindle, detection of discharging gap
    4. Oil level control
    5. Fire control for safety
    6. Automatic alerting with safety device
    7. Anti carbon depositing function
    8. CNC control system, touch screen input, hand control box operation
    9. Automatic workpiece on position detection
    10. Mirror surface machining
    11. Finish machining of edge machining
    12. X,Y,Z three axes servo control
    13. Min. Electrode wear ratio 0.10%
    14. Best surface finish Ra0.2μm
    15. Max machining efficiency 500mm3/min
    16. Min drive unit 1μm

    CNC control system:
    1. 15inch LCD touch screen
    2. USB data input and output
    3. Mirror machining and hard alloy special machining circuit
    4. AUTO machining function
    5. Automatic positioning function
    6. High speed and high accuracy machining system
    7. Automatic arc clear circuit
    8. Expert database of machining parameters
    9. CNC command, standard G code, ISO code
    10. Power off memory, error message indication function
    11. Fully CNC control operation
    12. Multiple positioning mode
    13. Intelligent discharging machining system
    14. Automatic multiple cavities machining

  • About Company
    Suzhou Kingred Electrical & Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

    Jiangsu Kingred CNC Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2007 as a professional manufacturer of various EDM machines. For many years, Kingred has been being dedicated to developing , producing and selling high performance CNC wire cut EDM, Sinker EDM and small hole EDM. Thanks to great effort and passion, now Kingred is standing as bench-marking enterprise in the industry. The headquarter of sales department is located in Suzhou Taiping Industrial park, close to beautiful and well-known Yangcheng Lake. In 2014, Kingred moved it’s production department and facility to Huai’an city, hometown of great premier minister Chou En-lai. New factory covers area over 40,000Sqm, with complete machining equipment , experienced experts and skilled engineers. Kingred’s machines had been sold to over 20 countries and highly commented by customers. Guided by philosophy of “facing future, being pioneering and innovative”, Kingred developed high precision CNC wire cut EDM with leading performance in the market, the KD series CNC medium speed wire cut EDM is well-known by “Big taper, large travel, high efficiency, excellent accuracy and advanced structure”, it’s unique and not replaceable in the market. Especially, new launched KD400ZL-B series had exceeded limit of molybdenum wire EDM machine and approached performance of brass wire EDM machine. High speed small hole EDM machine is reputed with “high grade, reliable quality and stability, low price. Besides, Sinker EDM machines are widely sold due to “excellent quality and low malfunction ratio. Kingred, with advance technology, reliable quality control, satisfied service, to provide best solution for customers all over the world. Warmly welcome friends of various industries, to establish cooperation with us to grow with Kingred and create bright future.

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