• Specs
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    X-Axis Travel
    15.75 "
    Y-Axis Travel
    19.69 "
    Z-Axis Travel
    11.81 "
  • Product Overview

    Item KD500CL
    Travel of X/Y/Z 400×500×300 mm
    Table size 520×800 mm
    Cut taper/thickness ±3°/80 °/mm
    Cut accuracy
    Octagon ±0.005 mm
    Taper ±0.015 mm
    Max. cut speed 180 mm2/min
    Best Surface Finish ≤1.0 μm
    Wire diameter Φ0.12-0.2 mm
    Max. electrical current 7 A
    Power <2 Kw
    Voltage 3 phase 380V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz or 415V/50Hz V/Hz
    Max load of table 600 Kg
    Weight of machine 3000 Kg
    Machine Dimensions(L×W×H) 1810×1600×2000 mm
    Package Size(L×W×H) 2100×1800×2200 mm
    Item Unit
    Dielectric fluid
    Volume of container 60L L
    Dielectric fluid filtration
    Dimensions of container(L×W×H) 850×570×600 mm
    Container package dimensions(L×W×H) 1000×700×680 mm
    Weight of container 80/60 kg
    Item Unit
    Controller type KDXP
    Controller Dimensions(L×W×H) 600×800×1680 mm
    Container package dimensions(L×W×H) 800×900×2000 mm
    Weight of container 260/180 kg

    CNC EDM wire cut KD500CL is the one with X&Y axes servo motor controller. Comparing to stepper motor control, servo motor has feedback from servo motor and compensation, it could increase accuracy than stepper motor in long distance cutting, especially for jobs with numbers of holes in one pieces, for such kind CNC wire cutting works, locating accuracy is very important, it is not just accuracy of one single hole, also accuracy between each two holes. So we recommend KD500CL for electrical molds making works.
    KD500CL has X,Y axes travel 400×500mm, it could cut all kind of conductive material such as steel, alloy, copper, titanium alloy and etc. Leading structure “T” shape machine bed with 6 support points to make sure rigidity of whole machine, we design and build casting with sufficient material and a lot of reinforcing ribs to increase rigidity of CNC EDM wire cut we build; “+” design X,Y axes carriages always move within range of “T” machine, and won’t exceed range of machine bed to its end, this design can get rid of gravity of X, Y carriages when they move to ends, this design accuracy of X&Y axes in all travel.

  • About Company
    Suzhou Kingred Electrical & Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

    Jiangsu Kingred CNC Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2007 as a professional manufacturer of various EDM machines. For many years, Kingred has been being dedicated to developing , producing and selling high performance CNC wire cut EDM, Sinker EDM and small hole EDM. Thanks to great effort and passion, now Kingred is standing as bench-marking enterprise in the industry. The headquarter of sales department is located in Suzhou Taiping Industrial park, close to beautiful and well-known Yangcheng Lake. In 2014, Kingred moved it’s production department and facility to Huai’an city, hometown of great premier minister Chou En-lai. New factory covers area over 40,000Sqm, with complete machining equipment , experienced experts and skilled engineers. Kingred’s machines had been sold to over 20 countries and highly commented by customers. Guided by philosophy of “facing future, being pioneering and innovative”, Kingred developed high precision CNC wire cut EDM with leading performance in the market, the KD series CNC medium speed wire cut EDM is well-known by “Big taper, large travel, high efficiency, excellent accuracy and advanced structure”, it’s unique and not replaceable in the market. Especially, new launched KD400ZL-B series had exceeded limit of molybdenum wire EDM machine and approached performance of brass wire EDM machine. High speed small hole EDM machine is reputed with “high grade, reliable quality and stability, low price. Besides, Sinker EDM machines are widely sold due to “excellent quality and low malfunction ratio. Kingred, with advance technology, reliable quality control, satisfied service, to provide best solution for customers all over the world. Warmly welcome friends of various industries, to establish cooperation with us to grow with Kingred and create bright future.

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