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    Model and parameters KS-W1025S
     CNC Vertical Arc Bending Machine
    Minimum bending radius 50mm
    Maximum diameter of mould 300mm
    Diameter of roller 60mm
    Driving mode Oil cylinder and servo system independently control the upper roller and down roller, 2 motors driven gearbox, 4 roller linkage moving
    Working mode NC, hydraulic drive
    Center distance of rollers 280mm
    Positioning precision of upper roller 0.05mm route of upper roller 400mm
    Maximum width of profile 170mm
    Power of oil pressure motor 2.2kw﹢ 4.4kw×2 ﹢5.5kw
    Pressure of oil  25T
    Working voltage 380VAC/50HZ
    Dimension (L*W*H) 1010*3120*1530mm
    Bending Shapes It’s driven by All-Digital Variable Frequency Motor with compact structure and high reliability, the CNC program automatically adjusts the matching rotating speed of 3 rollers.1st,2nd,3rd axis are driven by Variable Frequency Motor, 4th axis rotate passively and stably, the CNC program automatically adjusts the matching rotating speed of rollers, thus it can control the profile deformation during bending, it can also bend very thin profiles.1st,4th axis are driven by Servo Motor to go up and down, 2nd,3rd axis are driven by hydraulic force to go up and down, the accuracy and efficiency is very high.It can select different operation mode to meet different processing requirement during operation.The drive is very stable with four combination moulds and adjustable pad. the upper roller is driven by hydraulic force, the processing efficiency is very high.It has reasonable structure and full functions, also take up small space.It can bend many different profiles by changing the bending moulds. It can bend maximum 8 different radius arc by inputting different bowstring length, radius according to required arc in the interface.
    Weight of machine 1800Kg
    Optional function and device bending mould of profile

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    Foshan Kingsky Machinery Co., Ltd.

    foshan kingsky machinery co.,ltd. is established in 1993, one of the most professional manufacturers specialized in aluminum processing machines for doors and windows and curtain walls, located in the foshan of china, "the town of china's aluminum,machinery and die assembly", has a standard plant of 20,000 square meteres under iso9001:2000 management and skilled staff of more than 300 people, and the market covers asia, america,europe and australia. furthermore, kingsky has introduced advanced german technology and cooperated with german bosch group limited in all aspectes, and most of the cores parts and components are from germany, such as cylinder and saw blade from rexroth(bosch) and motor from simens, which assure our products best quality and performance! more details about our products and company,please refer to

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