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Type:Oil Field & Hollow Spindle Lathes


Swing:22 "
Centers:120 "
Spindle Bore:4 "
Power:10 hp
RPM:1200 rpm
Dimensions:177" x 50" x 63"
Weight:6700 lbs
King Kong Iron Works, Ltd.

About King Kong Iron Works, Ltd.

King Kong Co., formerly "KINGSTON LATHE" builder founded in 1949 in Taipei, Taiwan, is dedicated to providing machine tools to customers globally under the now-famous brand name "KINGSTON". All KINGSTON equipment are precision-cast for heavy duty use, particularly versatile in heavy metal-cutting and fine-finishing to yield efficient productivity.  We are proud to build the now world-renowned KINGSTON LATHE. We specialize in LONG BED WAY, BIG BORE SPINDLE and LARGE SWING in our heavy duty CNC lathes and engine lathes. KINGSTON CNC lathes and engine lathes have received rave praises from end-users in industry all over the world for over 50 years.


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