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Type:Other Press Brake Tooling
Kint Machine Tools Co., Ltd

About Kint Machine Tools Co., Ltd

Kint Machine Tools as the member of family business company which contain several divisions, 30 years experience on the production, sales and services of press brake tooling, turret punch tooling, long cutting blades and circular blades for sheetmetal fabrication, carton and paper cutting, plastic and metal scrap cutting, blades for the wood and food machinery, also our flexible production suit to customized blades and tooling, dimorphism blades and tooling, etc. Most of our products are as OEM service supplied to the metalworking machinery manufactures and distributors. Kint Machine Tools specially set up as an independent sales and service company specially focus on exporting to the customer directly, as an independent third party to control the quality and service under the best state for customers. As an experienced team, kint machine tools will work with your new ideas and products, no matter what your requirements are.