KSY KSY-0605

  • Product Overview

    Mechanical characteristics

    Low energy consumption, less consumable parts, low noise level.
    High speed, high output, high efficiency.
    Easy precise adjustment of Oil pressure, head punch location, and lower dead point.
    Add on accessories: safety light curtain, die clamp, robot arm, and feeder.
    Control mold: Auto PLC control, buttons operated by both hands simultaneously, head punch home-return on hands-off, double pressing prevention.
    Capable of being using as individual operation equipment or one of the serial automatic manufacturing system.
    Safety operation by both hands simultaneously, head punch returns to orignal position as soon as hands off, time delay between two hands are less than 0.3 seconds.

    Tubing enlarging and reducing.
    Punching, stamping, forming, and cutting.
    Drawing, bending.
    Riveting, piercing, typing.
    Thin plate shearing, shear through and/or half.
    Components inserting, such as anti-vibrating nut.

    Specifications subject to change based on R&D results without notice.
    Standard specification are based on actual machine.
    Patented product, pirating and counterfeiting are prohibited.

  • About Company

    King Shang Yuan Machinery Co. Ltd., established in 1993, originally manufactured automatic machines to provide clients with high efficient hydraulic high speed punching machine, hydraulic automatic machines, automatic machinesand and built its reputation on providing products that are highly productive and labor efficient.

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