• Product Overview

    The new CNC milling and engraving machines are able to calculate thetool paths with highest accuracy and to machine them with great dynamic.

    Hig accuracy and perfect surface quality can, however, only be achieved by using a machining tool with an exact grinding.

    With the SU2 grinder we offer a modern quality product with a large set of accessories to meet the high requirements to versatility, precision and effectiveness for grinding, engraving and milling cutters. The integrated tool measuring system allows for exact measuring of the cutting edge during the grinding process, without taking the cutter off the grinder.

    Highest concentricity and short setting-up times are ensured by our direct clamping system of the tool cones.

    Model Brochure (4.49 MB)

  • About Company
    KUHLMANN Werkzeugmaschinen + Service GmbH

    For more than 100 years the name KUHLMANN has been a synonym for quality and precision. The expertise gained during this long period and the increasingly sophisticated requirements of our customers are the basis and motivation for our innovative products. The results are customized manufacturing solutions “Made by KUHLMANN”.

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