• Product Overview

    HY-PROFINE, PDA-F series is entirely new edition of HY-PROMASTER PDA-VN series which has a good sale in scope of high speed press machines.

  • About Company
    Nidec-Shimpo Corporation

    We were founded in 1948. Since then, we have established ourselves as a leading company in the field of high speed press industries. We were affiliated with Nidec Corporation Group in 1997. Nidec has a culture in focusing on technology and their three philosophies, "Passion, Enthusiasm and Tenacity", "Intelligent Hard Working", "Do it now, Do it without fail, Do it until completed" are centered to merge everyone in the company to improve the performance in the company. Combining the technologies of the other subsidiaries of Nidec Group, we will further enhance our technological level, continuously improve our quality, and develop our business to challenge in the future.

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