L & D CV-300

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    CNC Video Measuring Machine

    •  X,Y and Z axis of CNC measuring instrument are controlled by step servo, with high positioning accuracy and smooth movement
    •  Joystick and mouse operation, easy to use
    •  High-hardness, high-precision and non-deformable granite base and upright columns are stable, durable and elegant
    •  Programmable LED cold lights adopted for surface lamps can carry out surface measurement for various complicated work-pieces, with higher measurement accuracy
    •  Standard with automatic software can measure the complex work-pieces with high efficiency
    •  Fast Auto Focus, user can choose auto zoom as option according to the needs

    Model CV-300
    Stage Size (mm) 500 x 300
    Glass Size (mm) 350 x 280
    Travel (mm) X axis 270
    Y axis 170
    Z axis 150 (for focus)
    Driving System Servo Motor Control
    Speed 200 mm/s
    Resolution of X/Y/Z-axis 0.0005 mm (0.5μm)
    Positioning Accuracy 0.001 mm (1 μm)
    Accuracy ≦3.0 + L/75 (μm)
    Software Automated Metrology softwae & USB
    Video System • CCD Camera: Japan Sentech brand 1/2"
    • Lightening System: Cold-light source Surface and Transmission illumination
    • Zoom Lens: U.S.A Navitar Zoom Lens
    • Magnification of field lens: 0.7X-4.5X
    • Total Magnifications: 30X-190X
    • Object View: 10.6mm-1.6mm
    Weight (KG) 170
    Power Supply AC220V/110V    50/60 Hz

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