L & D LE1700-10A

  • Product Overview

    Model LE1700-10A
    Length 1700mm
    Resolution 0.001mm

    •  High accuracy optical glass
    •  Scale reference points at a 50mm pitch to determine datum point for machining
    •  Using 5 sets of bearing, assures excellent repeatability, positioning, good sliding and durability
    •  Special process of aluminum alloy for water/oil proof and anti-dust
    •  Suitable for milling, drilling and grinding machines, lathers, XY-tables, etc
    •  Enhanced vibration resistance 
    •  Top quality rubber lips to avoid contamination
    •  Easy installation and maintenance
    •  Resolution: 0.005mm (standard); 0.001mm (optional)
    •  Effective range(ER): 2-128”(50mm-3200mm)      
    •  Output signal: 5V, TTL (standard); RS422(optional)
    •  Output wave form: Two 90° phase-shifted sinusoidal signals
    •  High accuracy: ±(5+L/200)µm; L = Effective range (mm)
    •  Max. Response Speed: 72M/min
    •  Scale grating pitch: 20μm
    •  Scale reference point pitch: 50mm
    •  Operating temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC
    •  Extension cable: 
       If the travel of the linear encoder is from 50mm to 900mm, the cable is 2m long 
       If the travel of the linear encoder is from 1000mm to 1500mm, the cable is 5m long
       If the travel of the linear encoder is from 1600mm to 3000mm, the cable is 10m long 

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