L & D LH-0050

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    Digital Height Gauge

    To measure the Depth, Height, Flatness and Parallelism of work pieces

    Excellent functionality and easy operation
    Data out
    MM/INCH conversion
    High durability and high accuracy are ensured by an improved column design
    Standard with Ceramics base

    Technical Data:
    Model LH-0050
    Measuring Range 50mm
    Mini readings 1µm
    Accuracy 1µm
    Measuring Speed ≦500mm/second
    Measuring Force Downwards direction: 125-175gf
    (Shift 35gf)
    Horizontal direction: 90-140gf
    Data Processor Display: 8 Bit LED display
    Functions: (1) Zero setting
    (2) Auto Erection
    (3)/ MM/INCH conversion
    Temperature 20ºC
    Humidity ≦60%
    Weight 450g
    Voltage DC5V 1000mA

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