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  • Product Overview

    The Electric Power Technology Training Program, a modular study program for technical institutes, colleges, and universities.

    The program starts with a variety of courses providing in-depth coverage of basic topics related to the field of electrical energy such as ac and dc power circuits, power transformers, rotating machines, ac power transmission lines, industrial controls, and power electronics. These basic courses incorporate most of the subject matter covered in other well established Lab-Volt training systems such as the Electromechanical Training System, Model 8006, Power Electronics Training System, Model 8032, Industrial Controls Training Systems, Series 8036, and Power Transmission Training System, Model 8055, as well as many new topics related to recent technologies.

    The program then builds on the knowledge gained by the student through these basic courses to provide training in more advanced subjects such as home energy production from renewable resources (wind and sunlight), large-scale electricity production from hydropower, large-scale electricity production from wind power (doubly-fed induction generator [DFIG], synchronous generator, and asynchronous generator technologies), smart-grid technologies (SVC, STATCOM, HVDC transmission, etc.), storage of electrical energy in batteries, and drive systems for small electric vehicles and cars.

    List of all available systems (many options are available to customize the systems):
    - DC and AC Power Circuits Training System (8010-1)
    - Solar Power Training System (8010-2)
    - Small-Scale Wind Power Electricity Generation Training System (8010-3)
    - Lead-Acid Batteries Training System (8010-4)
    - Basic Renewable Energy Training System (8010-5)
    - DC Power Electronics Training System (8010-6)
    - Home Energy Production Training System (8010-7)
    - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Training System (8010-8)
    - Electromechanical Training System (8010-9)
    - Power Electronics Training System (8010-A)
    - AC Power Transmission Training System (8010-B)
    - Smart Grid Technologies Training System (8010-C)
    - DFIG Principles Training System (8010-D)
    -Power Transmission Smart Grid Technologies Training System (8010-E)

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  • About Company
    Festo Didactic, Inc. (formerly Lab-Volt Systems, Inc.)

    Festo Didactic is the world-leading equipment and solution provider for technical education. The product and service portfolio offers solutions for rapid learning and retention in a broad spectrum of technologies: pneumatics, electropneumatics, hydraulics, electrohydraulics, electronics, electrical engineering, sensors, robotics, CNC technology, telecommunications, electronics, power and renewable energy, industrial maintenance, HVAC, PLC and fieldbus technology, manufacturing technology and process engineering as well as mechatronics. Festo Didactic supplies educational institutions and industries with learning factories, training and e-learning programmes that directly evolve from technologies and innovations in automation. They qualify people in appropriate learning environments to be sufficiently competent and flexible to immediately start work in production processes and other industrial contexts and to contribute to the productivity of industrial companies. CORPORATE MERGER: Festo Didactic acquired Lab-Volt Systems, Inc. in June 2014.