• Specs
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    Max Temperature
    500 c
  • Product Overview

    Ageing Test Oven
    Product Feature
    -Temperature range:RT+10℃ ~200℃ ,RT+10℃ ~250℃,RT+10℃ ~300℃ for optional
    - Different size available, from 100L to 1000L.
    - Excellent temperature uniformity.
    - Easy to use:Friendly human-machine interface
    - Controller: Digital single-point controller, Programmable touch screen controller for optional 
    Technical Specifications

    Ageing Test Oven
    Model L-TH-O1000
    Interior capacity(L) 1000
    Interior dimension W* H *D (mm) 1000*1000*1000
    Exterior dimension W* H *D(mm) 1720*1415*1265
    Temperature range RT +10℃~+200℃,  RT +10℃~+300℃,
    Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
    Temperature accuracy ≤±2.0℃(≤+200℃),≤±3.0℃(+200℃~+300℃)
    Heating time RT +10℃→+200℃≤40min, RT +10℃→+300℃≤60min
    Utility environment Temperature:+5℃~+35℃;Humidity:≤85%RH;Air pressure:86~106kPa
    Enclosure Galvanized steel plain Sheet color coated
    Interior Stainless steel plate SUS304
    Thermal insulant Glass wool
    Heater Nichrome Electronic Heater
    Fan axial flow fan
    Controller Single-point digital controller, programmable touch screen controller for option
    Setting mode Button push setting, touch screen input
    Setting range Temperature range: lower limit - 5℃, upper limit +5℃
    Display resolution Temperature: 0.1℃
    Input PT100
    Control method PID control
    Standard accessories Cable hole(Φ50)1pc,Specimen holder 2 sets,power cable 1pc
    Safety devices Leakage breaker,Interior over heat protector,Fan over heat protector,PID over heat protector
    Remark: ※1 Data measured under temperature is +25℃,without specimen.

  • About Company
    Labtek Instruments Co., Limited

    Established in 2010,Labtek Instrument, is an advance technology company located in Zhongshan, China, specialized in design, development and manufacturing wide range of environmental simulation test equipment. Products including Temperature humidity test chamber, Thermal shock test chamber, High temperature (oven)test chamber ,Bench-top temperature & humidity chamber, Walk-in type temperature & Humidity test chamber, Salt spray test chamber, Xenon test chamber, Sand dust test chamber, UV test chamber etc.Widely used on different industry including aviation, spaceflight, military, electron, communication machine, chemic, auto, motorcycle, biology, agriculture, weather, environment, build material etc.

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