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Type:Environmental Chambers
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Chamber-W:31.5 "
Chamber-L:39.37 "
Chamber-H:39.37 "
Max Temperature:356°F

Product Overview

Model  Programmable controller  L-TH-QS800       
Internal dimension  D*W*H(mm) 800*1000*1000  
External dimension D*W*H(mm) 1650*1330*2120
Technical data
Temperature range -20℃ ~180℃, -40℃ ~180℃,-60℃ ~180℃,-70℃ ~180℃     
Temperature deviation         ±2.0℃                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Heating rate 2~3℃ / min  It can be made according to customers requirements
Cooling rate 0.7~1℃ / min  It can be made according to customers requirements
Thermal insulation material Glass wool / hard polyurethane foam
Cooler Multi-layer diaphragm evaporator
Air circulation Single cycle, extended shaft, stainless steel centrifugal wind leaf
Refrigeration method Mechanical single-stage refrigerator system   For -20℃ ~180℃, -40℃ ~180℃
Mechanical cascade refrigerator system   For temperature lower than -40℃ 
Refrigerate compressor France Tecumseh 
Controller Programmable touch screen controller produced in Korea.
Sensor PT100 Platinum resistance
Control method PID control;BTC Balanced Temperature control
Safety devices
Current leakage protection, Water shortage protector, Over-heat protector, Quick action fuse,
Compressor over-pressure protector
Standard configuration Viewing window: 250*330, test hole Φ50mm, two specimen shelves, illumination light
Power supply AC220V  50Hz  / AC380V   50Hz 

Labtek Instruments Co., Limited

About Labtek Instruments Co., Limited

Established in 2010,Labtek Instrument, is an advance technology company located in Zhongshan, China, specialized in design, development and manufacturing wide range of environmental simulation test equipment. Products including Temperature humidity test chamber, Thermal shock test chamber, High temperature (oven)test chamber ,Bench-top temperature & humidity chamber, Walk-in type temperature & Humidity test chamber, Salt spray test chamber, Xenon test chamber, Sand dust test chamber, UV test chamber etc.Widely used on different industry including aviation, spaceflight, military, electron, communication machine, chemic, auto, motorcycle, biology, agriculture, weather, environment, build material etc.


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