• Product Overview

    CL1200 Lathe Specs
    Max Distance Between Centers: 46"
    Max Copying Length: 40"
    Max Depth of Copying: 2.5"
    Max Diameter: 8.5"
    Morse Taper Centers: MK2
    Thread Size: 33mm x 3.5
    Speeds: 500 / 1,000 / 2,000 / 3,000
    Motor: 2 hp
    VFD Electronic variable speed
    Size Setup w/ Copier 84" x 33" x 49"
    Weight: 800 lbs.

  • About Company
    Laguna Tools

    Known for our award-winning bandsaws, at Laguna Tools, we have always been driven by the desire to offer woodworkers the best products available, and our commitment to never compromise in quality or performance reflects in the loyalty and appreciation we are fortunate to receive from woodworkers around the world. With over 34 years of experience our CNC equipment continues to set the standard for precision, durability and value. Laguna Tools developed the SmartShop Series CNC routers to provide customers with a truly machine-tool grade CNC router with a price that makes the technology affordable to virtually any size shop and the Swift Series CNC destined to redefine CNC technology for the small shop. Laguna offers a host of innovative improvements, designed to raise the bar for precision, durability and ease of use.

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