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    Max Capacity
    2.362 "
    7.5 hp
  • About Company
    Lan Dee Woen Factory

    LAN Dee Woen Factory specialized in Bolt & Screw Heading Machines, Tubular Rivet Heading Machines, and Blind Rivet Heading Machines which are producing (steel, aluminum) screws, blind rivets and semi tubular over 20 years. Now we have already provided our precision high quality screws, blind rivets and semi tubular machines and enlarge our business to the worldwide machinery markets. The new style machines created as: Bush cutting types "One Die Two Blow Bolt Heading Machine", "Two Die Two Blow Bolt Heading Machine" and "Three Die Three Blow Bolt Heading Machine" are all excellent quality and multi functions producing machines. The 2 Die 2 Blow (Bush Cutting type) Bolt Heading Machine that is really a special multi functions machine, it can heads four different kind of products in one machine, only changes mold device, there are bolt, semi hollow rivet, blind rivet and steel blind rivet. This machine is break out traditional designed with features like high efficiency, innovative mechanical sturdy structures combined with featuring professional technology, and running with quite silent. There is no spring installed in the Die, so don't worry about the fatigue strength after running a period of time. Machine running is very smooth that can prolong the machine life and with highly productivity. It is very easy to operate and change Dies and moulds in producing different products, and stable produce products in high speed. This machine is your best choice for increases your income and business.

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