• Specs
    CNC (PLC)
  • Product Overview

    1. Plastic Extruding Machine
    Application: Applicable to monochrome, two-color, double layer and three layer extrusion of wire and cable made of insulation materials such as PVC, LDPE, XLPE, LSHF, TPU.

    2. Technical Parameters

    1) Production scope: Maximum extrusion diameter 10mm
    2) Extrusion capacity: Max 34kg/h
    3) Motor Power: 5.5kw (frequency conversion or speed control)
    4) Heating power: 7.5kw (three section heating with air cooler)
    5) Center height of the machine: diameter 1000mm
    6) Pay-off spool specification: diameter 400- 630mm
    7) Take-up spool specification: diameter 630mm (double spool)

    3. Composition of the equipment
    1) diameter 600mm No-spool pay-off
    2) elevating tension straightening machine
    3) diameter 45/25 plastic extruder
    4) water cooling sink
    5) dry-printing device
    6) diameter measure device
    7) diameter 600mm or diameter 350mm wheel traction machine
    8) diameter 600 double spool take-up machine
    9) PLC Control box

  • About Company
    Langfang Xinming Cable Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.

    Langfang Xinming Cable Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is a global leader in providing customers with wire and cable machinery design and manufacture. With the broadest range of wire processing equipments in the world, our team of process engineers and field service support technicians has helped customers realize their potential through process development for decades. Integrity, innovation and a commitment to our customers are at the forefront of our approach to design and supply reliable wire processing systems. We take your process challenges or new product idea and engineer a system that creates value for your customers. With our bench-scale analytical lab we evaluate your material to determine feasibility with one of our many industry-proven technologies. At present, Xinming designs a production-scale system with a guaranteed process warranty to ensure your success. Once installed, our process engineers and technicians assist in implementation of the system in your facility and help maintain your equipment to secure the future of your process. Integrity. At Xinming we take pride in our wide range of wire processing technologies and our unique ability to match your application to the right equipment. Commitment. Xinming is committed to the success of our customers starting with our technical expertise and continuing through our aftermarket support team we help you secure the future of your process. Innovation. Xinming is a single-source supplier of complete wire processing systems and we offer industry-proven custom solutions to solve your toughest applications. Xinming offers a complete line of industrial wire & cable processing technologies including isolating / extruding, stranding, cabling, twisting, bunching, wire drawing, coiling / rewinding, taping, armoring, capstans and so on. We are proud of our unique ability as a single-source supplier of complete systems. We work to fit our customer’s process with the best technology rather than trying to force a technology into their process. We bring decades of experience in wire manufacturing industry to your application and look forward to working with you on your next industrial process. Contact us today to start working with our team

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