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    20 "
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    The Lapmaster Model 20 is a bench-mounted unit with a heavy duty carbon steel weldment base.

    The machine is of the “ring lapper” or “planetar y-lapper” configuration, enabling high standards of flatness and surface finish to be routinely achieved.

    The Model 20 is derived from the popular Model 12 and 15 machines but features a steel weldment base instead of cast aluminum. A scaled-up lapping plate, conditioning rings and convenient “wrap-around” worktable combine to form a unique package.

    The Model 20 is the largest bench-mounted machine in the USA offered by any company.

    In-process lap plate flatness control is provided for by three conditioning rings,which locate in yoke/roller bearing assemblies.Work pieces are located within carriers or appropriate fixtures which run within the rings.

    Large parts of cylindrical shape can be substituted for the rings.

    The Model 20 is ideally suited for lapping low or high production quantities.

    In-shop lapping reduces costs of component processing and equipment maintenance programs.Worn parts are reconditioned and salvaged, thus eliminating scrap. Valve bodies, discs, gears, vanes, valveplates and shaft seals are a few of the components benefiting from the lapping process.

    The Model 20 is equally at home in the laborator y, where it can be used to process a wide variety of materials including semiconductors, electro-optics, ceramics and others. These results can then be applied to a production situation.

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