• Product Overview

    VOLTEADORES de bobinas “VT”
    Sistemas de volteado de bobinas provenientes de líneas de corte longitudinal. Con capacidades para 1,2,3,5,8,10,15,20 y 30 Toneladas de peso de bobina.

    Estos tumbadores o Volteadores de bobinas pueden ser Hidráulico o Mecánicos, donde existen varios modelos , según el peso de bobina a voltear, asi como el ancho máximo de esta.

  • About Company
    LASA | Líneas Automáticas, S.A.

    lasa, founded in 1956, is a manufacturer of machine tools, located in mondragon (gipuzkoa), in an active industrial area of spanish basque country. lasa is specialised is the design, manufacture and supply of sheetmetal feed lines for presses and cutting lines. the vast experience accumulated in the manufacture of equipment for sheetmetal processing lines, for both the domestic market and the international market, ensures that lasa has the capability for providing technical solutions with the highest guarantee, quality and reliability, and more important, a quick service supported by a highly qualified team, looking for the total satisfaction of the customer. the most outstanding products in lasa product range are: - automatic feed lines for presses and shears - cutting-to-length and slitting machines - pneumatic, oil-pneumatic, mechanical (high-speed type with cam-driven clamps), hydraulic (clamp type) and automatic roller feed lines (cnc) - automatic straightening feed units (cnc) for quincunx feed lines - powered straightening machines - high-precision levelling machines - powered and non-powered uncoilers with single or double mandrel - hydraulic coil loaders, fixed or moving - automatic stackers for shears

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